SkinTyte: Your Non-surgical Solution to Skin Laxity

SkinTyte: Your Non-surgical Solution to Skin Laxity

We’re almost a quarter of the way through the year already, unbelievable as that sounds! If you set yourself new skin goals for the year, now is a great time to stop and assess how things are going.

If you’ve been dreaming about more youthful skin, we think we’ve got just the thing to make your dreams become a reality…

Say hello to BBL SkinTyte.

This incredible skin tightening treatment utilizes advanced infrared light to improve the appearance of lax and ageing skin.

Whilst the anti-ageing treatment market may seem overwhelming, SkinTyte is professionally considered a more effective light-based treatment in its ability to achieve younger-looking skin.

What do I need to know about SkinTyte?

Surgical skin treatments aren’t for everyone, and sometimes the concerns you have don’t warrant surgical procedures either.

SkinTyte offers a fantastic alternative to surgery by improving the appearance of severe wrinkles, earlier on in your ageing journey. In doing so, SkinTyte restores your youthful, natural complexion whether that’s on the face or body.

The treatment also requires a lot less commitment in terms of treatment time than a surgical procedure. Each SkinTyte session takes approximately just 30-minutes.

What specific skin concerns qualify for SkinTyte?

Anti-ageing is the goal with SkinTyte. Skin concerns like Fine lines and Wrinkles, Loss of Elasticity and Sagging Skin mean you may be the perfect candidate for this treatment.

The benefit of SkinTyte being a non-surgical treatment means there is much-reduced downtime period, with results appearing at their optimum around three moments after your treatment course has concluded – slow and steady wins the race!

What does the treatment plan look like?

SkinTyte results can certainly be seen from as little as one treatment. This means that after your first session you will start to gain that well-deserved confidence from your skin.

During a SkinTyte procedure, the provider will apply the laser over the treated area four times. Each pass will deliver gentle heat to promote collagen production while maintaining optimal skin surface temperature, keeping the treatment comfortable throughout.

The number of treatments in your course will depend on your own skin laxity status, however a typical patient will require 6-8 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart for optimum anti-ageing results.

How does the SkinTyte treatment experience compare to surgery?

The treatment experience is worlds away from the set-up required for surgery. Most patients can enjoy a SkinTyte session with no anaesthetic numbing cream at all. You are likely to feel a warm sensation during your session and not much else!

When it comes to downtime, you can expect to carry on your social and professional life as normal with recovery time just 20-minutes for mild redness and swelling. Being a 30-minute treatment, this means you can even fit your SkinTyte sessions into your lunch break.

I have a darker skin tone, can I still enjoy SkinTyte?

At NG Skin & Aesthetics, we believe in total holistic skincare for all skin types. Whether you have pale skin, freckly skin or darker skin, you are a candidate for SkinTyte. We will work together to tailor your treatment according to your skin type, concerns, and aesthetic goals.

If you'd like to experience SkinTyte for yourself, you can call us on 01858 288242 or book online at

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