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Juliette Armand: Affordable, Cosmeceutical Skincare

We all know that skincare takes time and dedication. Committing to the health of your skin doesn’t come without cost, and in today’s world where the price of everything seems to be rising, we don’t want your hard work to go to waste.

That’s why we’ve been on a personal mission to find our patients an affordable cosmeceutical range that can continue and extend the results of their skincare.

And finally, we found it. And we’re in love.

Please join us in welcoming Juliette Armand to our clinic, the personal, professional skincare range.

Get to Know Juliette Armand

Juliette Armand was established in 1992 when chemists Loulia Armagou and Michalis Papaefstratiou went on a journey of exploration for the next big cosmeceutical skincare solution. Skip forward to today, and this fantastic range is available in more than 30 countries, supporting skincare lovers across the globe.

Of course, science moves fast, and Juliette Armand remain passionate about always finding the next formula and the next innovation – which we love!

The Product Range

From Cleaners, to Boosters, SPF, Eye Serums, and Masks, there’s almost nothing out of reach when it comes to products for your skincare routine.

The comprehensive range of products shows the level of dedication and understanding Juliette Armand have on skincare and the daily needs of the skin.

Award-winning Skincare

If that wasn’t enough, the level of awards this skincare brand has won speaks volumes.

Juliette Armand won 8 awards at the 2022 Aesthetic Awards in Greece alone. Winning the awards for “Best Aesthetic Brand 2022” is a special distinction for Juliette Armand and is testament to the continued development using innovative formulas for healthy, clean, and beautiful skin.

Holistic Skincare with Juliette Armand

As a patient of ours, you’ll already be familiar with our holistic approach to skincare, and Juliette Armand fits in perfectly with this. The synergy between the homecare products and our microneedling and chemical peel treatments is a match made in heaven, and that’s why we’ve created an exciting combination therapy launch offer!

Combination Therapy Offer

To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new skincare range, we’re offering an exclusive combination therapy package.

This skin rejuvenation treatment enhances and improves the physiology and appearance of skin with a mild chemical peel, microneedling, mask and LED light combined. The unique combination of these treatments offers patients the chance to repair skin damage caused naturally by the ageing process.

The chemical peel element is designed to improve the appearance of wrinkles, dull and weak skin and elasticity of the skin. Next, the microneedling activates the wound healing response to stimulate cellular renewal teamed with active mesotherapy cocktails to infuse the skin and target your main skin concerns. To complete your treatment experience, you’ll enjoy a hydration and cooling mask followed by LED light therapy to enhance and accelerate results to the max!

And the experience doesn’t stop in clinic. As part of the offer, you’ll take home a Juliette Armand homecare kit valued at £78 to ensure the results we generate in clinic stay with you at home.

To talk to us about incorporating Juliette Armand into your skincare regime or to find out more about our exclusive offer, please call us on 01858 288242.


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