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Staying Forever Young™ with BBL Hero: Our Christmas Miracle

If there’s one time of year we all want to look our best, it’s Christmas. With so many exciting events in the diary and spending time with loved ones, you deserve to feel like your most confident self.

We recently launched the fantastic BBL Hero into our clinic to restore the natural beauty and quality of our patient’s skin. We are firm believers in a holistic approach to skincare, and BBL supports this perfectly by boosting your bodies own natural ability to slow down the ageing process by rejuvenating skin cells. The result put simply is a reduction in the signs of ageing that bring us down, like wrinkles, blemishes and collagen loss.

Recent studies carried out at Stanford University have proven just how this fantastic technology can re-stimulate ageing skin to ignite anti-ageing results and give a glowing, youthful appearance.

forever young bbl hero clinical study

BBL stands for BroadBand Light, which just happens to be the world’s most powerful IPL in the industry today. With BBL, we are setting the standard for anti-ageing results and treating skin conditions across a wide spectrum.

Staying Forever Young™ becomes a reality.

The clinical studies carried out on BBL at Stanford University asked a simple question:

“After BBL treatment, is the skin truly ‘‘rejuvenated’’ at a molecular level, i.e., more closely resembles younger skin, or is the treatment merely inducing a wounding or scarring response that differs fundamentally from uninjured youthful skin?

And the answer?

“Our results suggest that regulators of organismal aging can be altered in human skin using commonly available BBL technology.”

A healthy, natural glow is what we all dream of, free of make-up and excessive skin products. Forever Young™ BBL provides exactly that, getting to the source of our skins needs and creating real, long-lasting change.

Who is Forever Young BBL suited to?

This treatment says no to discrimination against skin types and instead treats a wide variety of skin concerns. The advanced technology is designed to bring back a balanced skin tone and texture and enhance clarity – all by naturally rejuvenating skin cells.

Surgery, invasive procedures and needles and no longer a requirement. Anti-ageing results via a relaxing, effective treatment can officially go on your Christmas list!

Beyond anti-ageing benefits alone

Forever Young BBL is a Christmas miracle for anyone suffering with wider skin concerns outside of ageing too. If you feel you’ve tried everything for acne, age spots, redness and spider veins – think again. BBL is suited to use across all areas of the body, from blemishes on the neck, to freckles on the arms or age spots on your hands.

After 1 BBL Hero for redness and pigmentation and skin rejuvenation

Results after 1 BBL Hero for redness and pigmentation and skin rejuvenation 

The power of BBL has even been proven to successfully treat spider veins in delicate areas like the nose and cheeks by breaking down capillaries. These are reabsorbed by our bodies, allowing patients to see a significant reduction in their appearance. No need for cover-ups and concealers anymore!

If that wasn’t enough, BBL can also support patients who have long suffered with Rosacea. Whilst there is no cure for the condition as yet, the power of this IPL treatment has been proven to effectively manage rosacea symptoms on an ongoing basis to transform the skin of its patients.

How does Forever Young BBL work?

BBL uses a broad-spectrum visible and infrared light – BroadBand Light – to selectively heat layers of targeted skin. The average treatment time is around 15 minutes, so it is a fast and effective treatment experience. The Forever Young BBL treatment stimulates the dermis layer of skin using the heat from the light energy. In turn, this rejuvenates existing skin cells making them more productive in terms of collagen production and anti-ageing results. New collagen stores are also created, leading to a further enhanced youthful glow.

What does the treatment protocol look like for Forever Young BBL?

How many treatments you’ll need for conditions like rosacea or spider veins will depend on the patients. However, we will usually advice a minimum of three sessions to get to the route cause and make significant, long-lasting changes.

The benefits of Forever Young BBL continue to grow. Whether you want to restore damaged skin, seek support for long-lasting concerns or improve the signs of ageing, BBL is your Christmas saviour. The results are:

  • Achieved without surgery or downtime
  • Stimulating a natural, healthy skin renewal process
  • Undoing previous skin damage
  • Versatile and fast
  • Above all, long-lasting and enhancing

Book a consultation with one of our skin experts today and explore how Forever Young BBL could support your skin goals. Book here or call 01858 288242.

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