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Heliocare 360°: Beyond the Summertime

Although the weather this Summer may have been a little up and down, we hope you were using your daily SPF. As we say all the time – it’s daily all-year around product, not a seasonal one. With that in mind, we’ve just introduced the fantastic Heliocare 360° SPF range into our clinic! Doing so in October is a reminder that SPF is so important at any time of year. But why?

Let’s explore the importance of SPF protection 365 days a year a little more.


You may have heard that UVB rays are strongest in the Summer. Whilst it’s true they are at their peak between 11am and 3pm, they actually have nothing to do with whether we get sunburnt or not. Therefore, it’s so important that we don’t allow ourselves to feel as though we are naturally protected by the cooler weather. The solar radiation spectrum is as active and harmful all year round.


No matter the weather or where you are in the world, UVA radiation is present. These are the long wavelengths that penetrate deep into your skin. Signs of damage aren’t immediately visible. They will become noticeable further down the line in premature ageing that will then require ongoing treatment plans to keep at bay. UVA rays damage your anti-aging elements like collagen and elastin, leading to that dry, sagging skin that causes fine lines and wrinkles.


Outside of UV rays, we shouldn’t forget visible and infrared-A light either. We are exposed to visible light every day, which means again we are always susceptible to skin cell damage. The longwave length, lower frequency infrared-A is present all year round too, weakening our skin barrier as it goes.


So as we can see, the elements that cause our skin to be unprotected and become damaged are present every day of the year, so suddenly it makes sense why we need an industry-leading product like Heliocare 360° to protect us.

It’s also worth mentioning that in winter when we are all wishing for a snow day, 80% of UV rays are reflected back from the snow onto our skin, further amplifying skin damage on those cold winter days when you wouldn’t think to apply SPF so naturally.

And don’t be deceived by the clouds either, even when it’s a rainy Autumn Day those UVA rays are more than powerful enough to penetrate through and reach your skin.

The harsh weather that comes with the autumn and winter months will essentially accelerates any sun damage done in Summer. The cold air and stronger winds attack the skin’s protective barrier, leading to an increased risk of dryness, dullness and irritation, so no day is safe without SPF!



Heliocare has been developed by dermatologists using innovative and safe ingredients backed by over 80 clinical studies. This is your award-winning sun protection range designed to provide your skin with the very best daily defence against the sun and daylight.

All Heliocare 360° products provide full-spectrum protection against UVB, UVA, visible light, and infrared-A, and are packed with additional ingredients to help boost skin health and prevent ageing.

Being developed by dermatologists, the creators of Heliocare understand there is no one SPF for everyone. There is a wide range of products suited to all skin types and requirements!

Heliocare 360° daily sunscreens are light enough to wear every day alongside the rest of your skincare routine and makeup. And all without blocking your pores!



If you needed any more reason to give this amazing product a go, then meet Fernblock®.

This is Heliocare’s exclusive ingredient that helps take your skin protection to the next level.

It’s a supercharged antioxidant that uses natural power from a tropical fern in Central and South America. This helps defend the skin against free radical damage. It protects against all the things we’ve discussed here, like UV rays, visible light and infrared-A.

After years of scientific research and over 80 clinical studies, this amazing technology has been proven to:

  • Protect the skin against damage caused by UVA, UVB, Visible Light & Infrared-A
  • Neutralise free radicals
  • Protect and repair skin cell DNA
  • Prevent light induced pigmentation
  • Protect the skin’s immune system
  • Prevent collagen breakdown

Discover your perfect Heliocare 360° product and start using it as your everyday SPF skin hero. Pop into see us or call on 01858 288 242.

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