Have you tried Eminence?

This range is perfect if you are seeking a vegan-friendly product.

They have an amazing brand ethos - a tree is planted with every product sold! So you can feel good, in glowing skin, knowing your helping the planet too. Even better, this range is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and is 100% Organic too.

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Organically Vegan Facial

As a brand that embodies health, Eminence by nature has always offered vegan friendly alternatives. Your skincare expert will choose from a selection of products to improve tone, texture, radiance and vitality.

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Caring Oncology Facial

Eminence truly cares and has a range of products recommended by Oncology Training International (OTI). These products have been recognised as clean and simple and effective for treating skin concerns during and post cancer treatment.

Eminence Kombucha-Microbiome-Collection-IngredientsEminence Kombucha-Microbiome-Collection-Ingredients

Kombucha Microbiome Facial

Illuminate your skincare ritual to reveal healthy glowing
skin. Kombucha, White Tea, Ginger and Jasmine work together with Pre, Pro and Postbiotics to comfort and balance your skins microbiome. Maintaining this vital layer of micro-organisms helps to heal dull, dry and sensitive skins.
Refreshing scents and healing ingredients leave your skin luminous and healthy.
These gentle products are suitable for all skin types.

Mangosteen Radiance Peel

Better than lactic acid alone, our professional Mangosteen
peel not only provides gentle but deep exfoliation for a radiant complexion, but fights the signs of ageing with potent antioxidant cellular renewal ingredients. Your skin will be renewed, revitalised and rejuvenated. Pore sizes
is improved, leaving you radiant and refreshed. Enjoy the relaxation and benefits of steam. Suitable for all skin types with no irritation or down time.


Gemstone Energising Facial

Harness the power of natural gemstones in this unique
facial that stimulates not only the skin, but the mind and soul as well! Deeply relaxing yet energizing you will enjoy the benefits of malachite, citrine and pink tourmaline gemstones. A warming treatment masque deeply cleanses and exfoliates whilst detoxifying and infusing the skin with botanical nutrients.
With the option to incorporate a Jade Roller or Gua Sha Stone over the Camellia Glow Solid Face Oil, this facial is a step up from the rest!


Body Treatment - Chocolate Truffle

Not many of us don’t like a sweet treat and will feed the
senses and the skin! This scrumptious treatment starts with antioxidant rich Cranberry Pomegranate Sugar Scrub smoothing away dryness. Followed with the most amazing Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap full of cocoa and nutritious organic ingredients. Deeply penetrating velvety hydration from a creamy body lotion completes this indulgent treat... all without a single calorie!!!

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